Cap Limon

We Invite You to Become Part of Something Amazing!

Dramatic Windswept Cliffs. Spectacular Ocean Views. Incredible villas nestled within one of the most amazing settings in all of the Caribbean. These are only a few ways to describe the indescribable beauty that is Cap El Limon, Lifestyle by the Sea in Samana, Dominican Republic.


Cap Limon – Lifestyle by the Sea is located in Samana, Dominican Republic.

Cap Limon is in a unique location situated in Samana, on the northeastern side of the island within a natural peninsula amidst sweeping shorelines, breathtaking views, unspoiled natural vegetation and all of it surrounded on three sides by the Caribbean Sea.

This is the last hidden shores of the Caribbean where summer is eternal. It is a breathtaking pristine landscape that reflects the essence of paradise.

The shores of Cap Limon are surrounded by the northern hills of Samana, covered with sparkling warm mist and faced by a breathtaking Cay. The land greets the turquoise-colored ocean with golden sands caressed gently by the sea breeze.

Blessed with exotic vegetation, endemic species and chosen by the mystical humpbacked whales for their courtship and mating seasons the Samana Bay is an ecological mirage. The last true untouched dream destination in the world is waiting to be unveiled…


This 40 villa private resort, created by Lifestyle, blends the best of the Caribbean with the high-end, luxury living, offering 6-7 bedroom private villas that are designed to honor the location and environment, bringing the outside into your living space.

This private resort with its modern Caribbean designed villas provides the ultimate feeling of air, light, and space. Whether you arrive by land or by air at the resort’s private heliport, you will experience a sense of awe at the quiet majesty that awaits you. It’s a feeling of excitement that “such a magical place exists.”

Each villa is completely self-sufficient with full-service attention and dedicated staff; including a full-time maid, and butler, where all meals are prepared and served including a barbeque. In addition, there is also a Club House (La Praia Beach Club) and Beach Area (La Praia Beach) included on the property for those times when you want to be a bit more social, and have a drink or meal away from your home base.

The La Praia Beach Club House has a dining option set among its poolside area, that offers a unique environment for a drink and a meal. La Praia Beach is nestled on the shores of Cap El Limon and is styled with luxury lounging and sun worshipping at its finest. Beachside food and beverage service, with La Praia Beach, makes this a perfect place to experience seaside paradise.


Your Welcome Home at Cap El Limon in Samana will be a one-of-a-kind experience with a plethora of amenities and exclusive services just waiting for you.

From the time you step off the plane at we will make every effort to make your vacation experience amazingly special. It starts with our trip to the exclusive Cap El Limon resort in opulent style in one of our luxury vehicles.

Upon arrival at your villa, V.I.P service will greet you at the door. Your maid is waiting to take care of your luggage for you, while your butler is waiting to greet you with a bubbly glass of champagne. Nibble on delicious, exotic appetizers created especially for you by your in-villa chef, then settle in to have a relaxing massage to get all the kinks out and get your vacation truly started.

Once you are ready, get ready to explore the pristine, exotic ocean shores and botanical garden like a paradise you’ll call home in one of the modern golf carts provided as part of your villa stay. Keep an eye out on the ocean and you just might catch a whale breaching in the distance! This really is an incomparable place.

Stop by La Praia Beach Club House for a drink and enjoy its sweeping views of the area, its pool, lounge and unique water feature. Or, hit La Praia beach where the quaint island traditions of fishing meet the unsurpassed opulence of your Chairman’s Circle Club affiliation vacation. You can choose the catch of the day and have it prepared that evening to enjoy.

In the evening, after an amazingly prepared gourmet meal, enjoy a nightcap, or two, while lounging around your villas private pool, or socialize with your neighbors at La Praia Beach Club House.

Our yacht is anchored within easy reach of your villa, and available to reserve so you can spend the day exploring the coastline and the Caribbean Sea nestled in the lap of luxury.

This private, select resort is a place where paradise meets your dreams. With every luxury within your reach, service fit for a celebrity, and an awe-inspiring environment; we know that this is the ultimate pinnacle of the indulgent comfort and we are proud to bring all of this and so much more to you!